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Nature Discovery Christian Academy is a loving, Christ-centered school that strives to achieve academic excellence. Our goal is to build up each and every student to have knowledge in all areas of life, as well as, be able to apply the word of God to any and all situations.

Modern Architecture

Principal's Message

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Welcome! It is such an honor to be able to walk with you through your education journey. We teach students how to discover a love for learning as well as a love for Jesus Christ. We will continuously speak, teach, and express the word of God throughout each school year. As well as, give each student the highest level of education in all subjects. Every child has a purpose, calling, and destiny that we are determined to show them. We are committed to providing an atmosphere of peace, love, joy, and kindness for all students, staff, and faculty.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Say hello to the NDCA staff! These teachers and staff members are dedicated to encouraging each and every student to do their absolute best while involving God, each step of the way.

Here at NDCA we believe in:

  • Teaching through a biblical worldview

  • We make learning fun with lots of hands-on activities!

  • Questioning, doing, making, creating

  • STEM education 

  • Building a community with our families

  • Frequent field trips

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